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Approximately five percent of men with a vasectomy will choose to have the procedure reversed over the course of their lifetime. For those considering the procedure, Dr. Martin Bastuba is renowned worldwide for his expertise, having performed over 3,000 vasectomy reversals for patients from around the world. With elite training and specialization, high clinical success rates, and warm, personal care, Dr. Bastuba offers patients a second chance to build their families.

See why so many patients choose Dr. Martin Bastuba:

  • Dr. Bastuba is an elite microsurgeon with training shared by less than 2% of his peers.
  • In his distinguished career Dr. Bastuba has performed over 3,000 vasectomy reversals.
  • Patients have traveled from more than 30 countries for his expertise and success rates.

Dear Dr. Bastuba, Nearly 25 years after my husband's vasectomy, we welcomed our son into this world. Thank you!

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