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Approximately five percent of men with a vasectomy will choose to have the procedure reversed. Dr. Martin Bastuba is an elite microsurgeon renowned worldwide for his 30+ years of vasectomy reversal and male fertility care.

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The smallest incision with the highest precision


Elite Urologist

Specialized training shared by 1.5% of top urologists


Surgical Procedures

A distinguished career of surgical success


Success Rate

Patency success rates far exceed national average


Patient Countries

Patients travel worldwide for our expertise

The Real Deal
on Vasectomy Reversal Costs

You deserve complete financial transparency. The competitive vasectomy reversal pricing we share with you is final – no hidden fees, no surprises. We want you to feel secure in both the quality of the care you're receiving and the costs associated with it.

How the Process Works

  1. Consultation1 hour

    You'll meet with Dr. Bastuba by phone or in person for a full hour to talk through the process and answer questions. We encourage both you and your partner to attend!

  2. Make a Surgical Down Payment

    This non-refundable deposit is due at the time of scheduling the procedure.

  3. Procedureup to 4 hours

    Dr Bastuba will perform the procedure at a surgery center or hospital in 3-4 hours.
    You will not have to stay overnight.

  4. Phone Call from Patient Navigator10 minutes

    After the procedure, your Patient Navigator will call to check in on you. You'll stay connected with them over the course of your care, with check-ins every two months.

  5. Recoveryup to 4 weeks

    Recovery time is typically 4 weeks, with a post-surgical appointment at 7 days, and a sperm analysis at the 2-month and 4-month checkpoints.

The Un-Snip Trip: Meet Us in San Diego, CA

Patients travel to MFS from around the world for vasectomy reversals. San Diego is a world-class destination filled with family attractions, fine dining and outdoor activities.

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100% worth the long trip. I wanted to work with the best possible doctor, and Dr. Bastuba is the best.
Dan Schman, Miles traveled: 1,300
My experience with Dr. Bastuba is that of him being very positive from the beginning.
Taylor Knox, World Champion Surfer

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