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Vasectomy Reversal Fees & Costs

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MFS keeps vasectomy reversal costs as low as possible for patients while maintaining the highest level of patient care. By offering a fixed, all-inclusive price for the vasectomy reversal and the more complicated vasoepididymostomy, patients can rely on clear, up-front pricing, without any hidden fees and costs.

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure Fees – Reduced

In these challenging times, we have managed to lower the overall cost of a vasectomy reversal surgery to help restore your dreams of having a child. There are three components of the vasectomy reversal procedure. These include the fees for the surgeon, the anesthesia and the facility where the surgery is performed. After performing thousands of microsurgical procedures over the years, MFS is able to offer vasectomy reversals at a lower cost than many other physicians. Our staff has negotiated reduced fees in a highly accredited surgical facility, and we are pleased to pass the savings on to our patients.

Our fee schedule is easy to understand, without surprises or hidden costs. If there are additional procedures or tests necessary, the MFS staff gives a written estimate before the procedure to make sure that you have a full understanding of all fees and costs involved.

All vasectomy reversal procedures at MFS are performed personally by Dr. Martin Bastuba, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Please note that a $1,200 non-refundable deposit will be due at the time when you are scheduling the procedure, with the full payment due two weeks prior to the procedure. See our financing options for vasectomy reversal surgery.

  • Price is based on surgery at Grossmont Plaza Surgery Center and Physicians Surgery Center. Exact fees depend on outpatient surgery center location where the procedure is scheduled.
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