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3 Important Male Fertility Myths Debunked

Posted on February 26, 2014 in Male Infertility

The problem with a subject like infertility is that there are a lot more men out there struggling with infertility issues than one would think. The lack of educated conversation leads to a lot of hearsay and speculation about a range of things that men should be doing, things they shouldn't be doing, and the best routes to achieve pregnancy. Because of all of this male infertility talk, men can find themselves at a loss as to what is actually true and what is only rumored. Below are three important male fertility myths that have been debunked:

Myth: Male fertility is not affected by age
Fact: Paternal fertility does in fact decrease with age. It is important for men to be aware of this fact when they are considering their family planning options, including considering using fertility preservation. If you are interested in fertility preservation, please contact the Male Fertility Specialists to discuss your options which can include sperm banking, treatment for low sperm count and testicular tissue freezing.

Myth: Health problems do not affect fertility
Fact: It is incorrect to assume that separate health issues will not affect a men's fertility. Diabetes is one chronic condition that can result in damage to blood vessels and nerves which in turn lead to retrograde ejaculation – where semen flows into the bladder and not out of the urethra as it should. If have a chronic health condition and are concerned about male infertility, contact your physician in order to learn more.

Myth: Heat doesn't effect fertility
Fact: This is one myth that certainly sounds like it would be a rumor passed down through recent generations, but it is true: exposure to heat can affect the quality of semen. However, please note that this is only in regard to extreme amounts of heat, which is very easy to prevent – keep phones in the back pocket or in a bag, use a fan or pad between you and a laptop, and take into account just how much time is spent in the hot tub.

Though these are three key myths, there are a wide variety of others out there that can cause confusion among those who have fertility concerns. When in doubt, it's best to seek out the opinion of a trained medical professional. If you have any legitimate concerns about male infertility, please feel free to contact your physician at the Male Fertility Specialists.

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