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Dr. Bastuba loves to receive referrals from friends, patients and other health-care professionals because it is the best indicator that he's doing an excellent job. Nothing makes him happier than helping patients.

At Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists, we strongly believe that positive life changes can be achieved through the proper diagnosis and treatment of male infertility and male sexual dysfunction. You can be sure that Dr. Bastuba will treat the people you care about with the utmost respect, compassion and professionalism.

  • For almost 20 years, Dr. Martin Bastuba, M.D., F.A.C.S. has partnered with medical practices in San Diego, California and throughout the United States. MFS works closely with IVF Centers, Oncologists, OBGYNs, Urologists and additional specialists. Dr. Bastuba believes open communication with other physicians is the best path towards successful patient treatments. Use the button below to learn more about how Dr. Bastuba can work with your team to provide optimal care and results for your patients. We understand that doctors are extremely busy - physician referrals are always given prompt and attentive care at MFS.

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  • Dr. Bastuba has been fortunate to receive countless patient referrals throughout the years. He does everything in his power to ensure that patients receive the best medical care available. If someone you care about is in need of fertility care or sexual health treatments, please use the button below. Dr. Bastuba will provide them with the information, compassion and support they deserve.

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