Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary Incontinence Can Be Treated Simply and Effectively

Urinary incontinence, also often referred to as an overactive bladder affects men and women of all ages. When you have urinary incontinence you experience a loss of bladder control that can range from occasional “leaking” to more severe cases in which you are unable to reach a bathroom in time because the urge to urinate is too strong.

What is urinary incontinence?

There are actually different types of urinary incontinence: Stress incontinence is typically described as accidental leaking that you experience while laughing, sneezing or exercising. Urge incontinence occurs when you feel the need to urinate, but you aren’t able to make it to a restroom in time. Urge incontinence can come on quickly with a sudden, intense need to use the bathroom.

How is urinary incontinence treated?

Fortunately, effective treatment for urinary incontinence is available. Patients who experience incontinence look for treatment that allows them to return to their normal routines without the fear of losing control of their bladder. Urinary incontinence treatment can include medication, medical procedures, and surgical options. Treating urinary incontinence offers patients a freedom that they’ve missed, which is why Dr. Bastuba of MFS is pleased to offer painless, non-invasive procedure for urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence treatment at MFS

Treatment for men and women who experience urinary incontinence is available at MFS. Dr. Bastuba utilizes Urgent® PC Neuromodulation, a treatment system which stimulates the patient’s tibial nerve in order to relieve incontinence symptoms. Urgent® PC Neuromodulation is effective, demonstrating up to an 80% response rate in both men and women. It is best suited for those who have already tried other unsuccessful incontinence treatments, are considered too old or frail for other procedures, or have experienced side effects from other treatments.

Urgent® PC Neuromodulation uses a small needle (similar to the size of an acupuncture needle) that is inserted into the patient’s skin above the ankle. The needle is connected to a device that sends a pulse through the tibial nerve that services the bladder, and this pulse effectively “retrains” the bladder to function normally. During this time, patients are comfortable and fully awake, and often advised to bring reading material to stay occupied for the 30 minutes needed for each treatment. Patients typically see results in 6-8 weeks, with full treatment requiring 12 consecutive visits. Urgent® PC Neuromodulation is covered by Medicare.

If you experience urinary incontinence, please contact MFS in order to discuss your symptoms and to learn more about Urgent® PC Neuromodulation.

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