Advanced Urology Care

Vasectomy, Urinary Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction and Advanced Urology Care

Urology is a broad medical and surgical specialty focusing on the reproductive system and urinary tract. Because they are closely linked, disorders of the reproductive system may affect the urinary tract and vice versa. Therefore, it is vital to find a doctor with expertise in both for the best diagnosis and treatment of a urological disorder, sexual health issue or male fertility concern.

At Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists, we have treated many urological disorders concerning various areas of the body including the prostate, kidneys, urinary tract or the bladder. Dr. Bastuba is a part of the elite group of 2% of board-certified urologists in the U.S. who have received specialized training in the treatments and procedures relating to urology and male fertility.

Our practice offers the most advanced urologic treatment options and therapies in the San Diego area, with a focus on specialized treatment options including urinary Incontinence, vasectomy, erectile dysfunction and sexual health.

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