Male Infertility Quiz

If you are unsure why you’re struggling to conceive naturally and believe that a male fertility issue may be present, we invite you to complete our Male Infertility Quiz below. Of course, if you have any questions / concerns, please contact our office directly so we can assist.

Please note: Our quiz is designed to help patients assess whether a fertility issue may be present and in need of diagnosis and / or treatment. It does not serve as a tool for diagnosis. A fertility specialist will be able to determine this through in-office screening.

  • Have you had a vasectomy?

  • Have you had a semen analysis with an abnormal result (e.g. shape/low count)?

  • Have you been exposed to environmental risks (e.g. hot tub use, lead, pesticides)?

  • Have you noticed a change in amount of ejaculate or pain / loss of erection during sexual activity?

  • Have you ever had a spinal cord injury, cancer, or prostatitis?

  • Have you had surgery or any trauma in the scrotum area in the past?

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease?

  • Do you have an undescended testicle, varicocele, or other sex organ issues?

  • Have you ever used anabolic steroids, Rogaine, or cholesterol lowering medications?

  • Have you ever been told that there is no treatment available for your inability to conceive?

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