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Choosing the Best Male Fertility Doctor

Learn How to Choose the Best Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon or Male Fertility Specialist

Not all doctors are created equal. When considering your vasectomy reversal or infertility treatment, it is important to find a qualified surgeon who specializes in reproductive health, understands your medical needs and is able to fulfill them.

Dr. Bastuba and the staff of MFS work closely with fertility specialists and gynecologists in the greater San Diego area, and we developed this guide to help you evaluate and choose the best male reproductive specialist and/or vasectomy reversal surgeon for you.

    1. Your microsurgeon should be certified by the American Board of Urology. Make sure that his or her certification is current.
    2. Your microsurgeon should have extensive, specialized microsurgery training. Dr. Bastuba is board certified in urology and has specialized training in male fertility and sexual dysfunction. He also completed the prestigious fellowship program for Male Infertility & Sexual Dysfunction at Boston University.
    3. Your microsurgeon should be a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). This organization sets high standards for their members to make sure patients receive excellent medical care.
    4. Your microsurgeon should perform the surgery from beginning to end. Confirm with the doctor that no fellows or medical students will be performing critical aspects of your procedure.
    5. Your microsurgeon should use a premier operating suite with experienced staff. He or she should also take the time to answer all of the questions you have about the procedure or the facility.
    6. Your microsurgeon should offer various choices of anesthesia, including different types of conscious sedation. Dr. Bastuba believes in the importance of listening to patients to help them feel comfortable and relaxed, whether they choose conscious sedation or general anesthesia.
    7. Your microsurgeon should provide a fixed, all-inclusive price for the procedure that includes the fees for the doctor, the fees for the anesthesia, and the fees for the facility where the surgery is performed. Dr. Bastuba’s staff provides a written estimate before the procedure that is easy to understand, helping to ensure there are no surprises.
    8. Your microsurgeon should be easily accessible after the surgery. Dr. Bastuba believes that no one can answer your questions better than your own microsurgeon, so he makes himself available via his personal mobile phone for any post-op questions.
    9. Your microsurgeon should be able to provide success rates for the specific procedure you will be getting as well as the number of procedures he or she has performed in the past year. Dr. Bastuba routinely performs several vasectomy reversals each week, which makes him part of only 2% of urologists in the U.S. who perform this many procedures.
    10. Your microsurgeon should have staff available around the clock to answer your questions and help you during your recovery. MFS offers an emergency phone line for patients that is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Many patients are not aware that they can utilize a gynecologist and/or urologist who has expertise in male infertility to perform low-tech fertility treatments like IUI. There are advantages to staying with your partner’s OB/GYN for basic fertility testing, however be aware of the potential risks involved:

    1. Do some research to determine if the doctor has the expertise and specialized knowledge necessary for infertility testing and diagnosis.
    2. Make sure the doctor has specialized tools for lab work, ultrasounds and other tests in their practice so that you can avoid being sent to different locations.
    3. Confirm that the doctor has an interest in treating infertility and also has the most up-to-date technologies available.
    4. Know when it is time to move on to a fertility specialist. A common error is for doctors to try ineffective treatments over and over again, while you lose time and money.

    In general, an OB/GYN will refer you to a fertility specialist for advanced reproductive technology treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

  • A phone call can provide a good first impression of a clinic and how they treat their patients:

    • How long are you on hold?
    • How nice is the person on the other end of the phone?
    • How long is the wait for the next available appointment?
    • What are the fees?

    Some couples create a list of important criteria:

    • Doctor's credentials (training, qualifications, awards)
    • Doctor's skills and experience
    • Clinic's accessibility (location, waiting periods)
    • Pricing and affordability
    • Professionalism of the center
    • Clinic's overall patient care and patient education

    During the consultation with your potential new doctor, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do you like their personality and style?
    • Is the doctor prepared for your appointment and has he or she reviewed your medical records?
    • Does the doctor listen to you and involve you AND your partner in the planning process?
    • Is the doctor compassionate and do they show empathy with your situation?
    • Does the doctor provide recommendations and choices you can work with?

    If you have any further questions about our practice or finding another specialist, please contact us.

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