Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Male Factor Infertility: More Common Than You Think

One of life's most satisfying experiences is starting and raising a family, but unfortunately many couples struggle with infertility. Many individuals think that women are often the ones with reproductive issues, however male factor infertility is more common than most people realize. In nearly 30% of all infertility cases the cause is attributed to male reproductive problems. An additional 30% of infertility cases are attributed to both female and male factors.

Despite how common it is, male infertility is often overlooked when couples are facing difficulty conceiving.

Over 20 Years of Male Infertility Experience in San Diego, CA

At Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists in San Diego, California, we understand that couples seeking treatment for infertility, are in search of a program that will provide them with the best chance possible for conceiving a child. For over 20 years, Dr. Martin Bastuba, M.D., F.A.C.S. has been one of California’s best male infertility doctors and a world leading expert in diagnosing and treating male reproductive issues.

If male factor infertility has been diagnosed, our physicians will find a solution by discussing the best treatment options with you.

Overcoming Male Factor Infertility

Together with our state-of-the-art lab and male factor infertility specialists, Dr. Bastuba will work with each couple to determine exactly what their reproductive goals are and establish a treatment plan to maximize all resources in an effort to reach those goals. Our mission at Male Fertility Specialists is to help you define the male fertility obstacles, find a solution, and help your family grow.

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