At-Home Insemination

How to Perform Artificial Insemination in Your Home

By Martin Bastuba, MD, FACS

If you would like to try an at-home insemination, Dr. Bastuba recommends the needleless syringe method. For couples that would prefer to undergo artificial insemination under the supervision of a trained male fertility expert, Dr. Bastuba can recommend various fertility centers that provide artificial insemination1 (Mayo Clinic 2019).

Supplies Needed

  • Needleless syringe or oral medicine syringe (4" long)
  • Collection cup, baggy or condom
  • Optional: Saline without preservatives, catheter/tube fitting the syringe as an attachment and a mild germicidal soap to clean your tools

Needleless Syringe Method

The insemination should take place ideally the day of LH surge (Luteinizing Hormone) or the day after, but definitely within the following 2-3 days. You may detect the LH surge with an ovulation predictor kit which is available in drugstores.

  1. Have the male ejaculate into the collection cup/baggy or condom. If you are using frozen sperm from a cryobank, please follow their instructions to thaw the sperm.
  2. Collect the fresh semen into the syringe: First, push all air out of the syringe. With the tip in the semen, pull back the stopper on the syringe to suck in the specimen. Then, with the tip of the syringe pointed upwards, tap out any air bubbles. Push the air bubbles out by pushing the plunger in until semen drops are visible at the tip of the syringe.
  3. The female should be in a comfortable position, preferably laying down on the side or with the hips raised. Slowly and gently glide the syringe or catheter into the vagina until it is close to the cervix. Very slowly inject the sperm to coat the outside of the cervix.
  4. The woman should try to have an orgasm with clitoral stimulation, but without penetration. A climax makes the cervix more receptive for the sperm and may increase the chances of conception. Then try to avoid moving for about 30 minutes.
  5. Clean your supplies with warm water, the soap or saline for reuse.


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