Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Common Questions About Medical Payments, Insurance and Financing

Below we have gathered frequently asked questions about fees and payments at Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists. Please contact our financial coordinator with any questions.

When are fees due?

All fees are discussed in detail at the time of your consultation. A schedule will be prepared at that time.

Will my health insurance pay for any treatment?

If your employer has purchased infertility as a benefit, there is a possibility that you may have coverage. Each individual policyholder's benefits are different and it is recommended that you check with your insurance to find out whether infertility is a covered benefit. Our staff will work with you to provide as much information as possible regarding your coverage and benefits if a procedure is necessary. Many urological and sexual dysfunction procedures are covered, but check with your insurance to be sure.

If insurance is involved, what is my financial responsibility?

Patient financial responsibility depends on what benefits your employer purchased in your insurance plan. Each employer is different in what they choose to provide as covered benefits. It is recommended that you verify your insurance benefits before your appointment. We can help you understand your insurance coverage and your own financial responsibility during your consultation.

What insurance companies and medical groups do you belong to?

We are a contracted provider to all of the major insurance companies and even some smaller insurance companies through a third party provider, with the exception of Kaiser Permanente. The best way to make sure that we are contracted with your insurance is to call your company and verify that information. View our payment policy for additional details.

Do I have to get my insurance pre-authorization or will MFS do it?

If your insurance requires a pre-authorization to see a specialist, then you must get a referral from your primary care physician. After the initial consultation, our office will obtain any future pre-authorizations.

If my insurance plan requires a pre-authorization to see a specialist, can I be seen or start treatment without the authorization? Can I get a retroactive authorization?

Unfortunately, all plans that require an authorization will not issue retroactive authorizations. Retroactive authorizations usually apply to emergency cases and infertility is not considered an emergency.