Online Resources: Male Infertility & Sexual Dysfunction

Learn More About Infertility and Sexual Health With These Helpful Resources

Below you will find a list of helpful websites including online message boards about male infertility, general health websites and additional resources. Please explore these websites to find more information about your unique medical situation or contact us anytime. Remember, online resources are not a suitable replacement for a face-to-face visit with a physician - but it is important to educate yourself.

Online Message Boards on Male Fertility

Male fertility issues affect millions men and women in the United States alone. Since male infertility is not a topic you might want to discuss with family and friends, you can find online support groups on the internet. There are chat rooms and bulletin boards with people who are willing to share their experiences of trying to conceive and the frustrations of dealing with male infertility.

Many of the chat rooms are free of charge and provide a safe and secure environment to meet new friends and exchange ideas. The following websites have excellent bulletin boards/chat rooms where you can meet people all over the U.S. who are going through similar experiences.

BabyCenter - BabyCenter has highly active bulletin boards and chats for “male fertility factors” and "getting pregnant". Explore this community at

WebMD - WebMD also has message boards and an infertility treatment support group at

Give it a try. You are not alone with your emotions and concerns! Reach out and seek emotional support!

Other Helpful Websites

Here you will find links to other helpful websites that may serve as information resources for you to find out more about the factors affecting male infertility, sexual dysfunction and general male health.

Male & Female Infertility Resources

  • Conceiving Concepts - Infertility information, support and fertility products for those trying to conceive.
  • ConceptionXR - Help for male infertility and increasing low sperm count.
  • FertilAid - Fertility supplements for women & men to optimize your chances of conceiving!
  • Fertility Center of California - Premier sperm bank in San Diego, California offering fertility and andrology lab services.
  • Health Sciences Library McMaster University - Explore a wealth of information on infertility and additional medical concerns.
  • Infertility Network - Provides information about infertility matters.
  • Mayo Clinic - Health information website with detailed resources for infertility.
  • Mothers Over 40 - An encouraging site for all those who are trying to conceive after the age of 40 or are pregnant over 40.
  • Proxeed - A reproductive dietary supplement for men to increase sperm motility, concentration and speed.
  • Reproductive Wellness - Infertility and pregnancy support with a focus on mind-body medicine, acupuncture and more.
  • WebMD - General health information website with extensive infertility resources.

Male Infertility Resources

Infertility Associations & Societies

Other Fertility Related Resources

  • 11,000 Baby Names - Search over 11,000 baby names, meanings and origins with the top names by year and forums.
  • Lab Tests Online - Patient education to help  consumers better manage their care involving clinical lab testing.

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