Getting Pregnant: Tips & Tests

Tips for Getting Pregnant and Starting a Family

One of life's greatest and most satisfying rewards is starting and raising a family. If you have been actively trying to conceive and are having trouble getting pregnant, waiting a year before seeking help may not be the best course of action. Speak with your physician about some next possible steps. Below we have listed additional resources to help you along the journey towards becoming pregnant.

Tips for Starting Your Family

For many couples, getting pregnant works normally and their dreams are fulfilled without bother. However, in up to 20% of couples there is an extended period when they wonder if there is something wrong or abnormal at work. It was previously suggested that after approximately one year of trying to get pregnant, couples should seek professional advice. For 50% of those cases where there is a fertility issue, the cause is at least partly male in origin.

Many times waiting a year before seeking help is not best course of action. If the female is 30 years or older, the male has a history of fertility problems, surgery, or the couple is anxious to get started, these are valid reasons for seeking fertility care before the one year mark.

Very often, the cause of infertility might be something simple. So make sure that you are following these basic guidelines in your quest to start a family.

  • When you first decide to try, create a plan and a timeline
  • Take the effort seriously and follow your plan
  • Follow good health practices - diet, exercise and stress reduction
  • Monitor your results with pregnancy tests/ovulation tests
  • Keep trying different common sense techniques like the at-home insemination
  • If results are not forthcoming seek out a specialist.
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