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Is Vasectomy Reversal Right for You? Factors to Consider

Posted on July 27, 2023 in Vasectomy Reversal

After having a vasectomy, some men have second thoughts later in life. Fortunately, a vasectomy reversal, a safe and effective procedure, may enable you to once again impregnate your partner. You, your partner, and your doctor should discuss if it’s the right option, as such factors as your age and fertility concerns may contribute to its effectiveness.

Elements Involved in the Vasectomy Reversal Decision

Research suggests that of the 300,000 American men having vasectomies annually, an estimated 3-6% decide to reverse it. While a vasectomy reversal is safe and effective, you must be sure of your motivations. You and your partner need to have a discussion, as this decision will affect both of you. Here are some reasons why men may have this procedure and the influencing factors.

Future Childbirth

After a vasectomy, you may eventually want to have more children, as you’ve entered into a new relationship or feel the paternal instinct. Although vasectomy reversals are often successful, this is not always the case. Sperm may return to the ejaculate quickly, possibly within two months after the surgery, but a stable semen analysis test result (i.e., the primary indicator of success) could take up to 12 months to report. Your ability to conceive isn’t guaranteed, due to such factors as testicular issues, your female partner’s age or fertility status, and the vasectomy procedure itself.

Health Concerns and Risks

In some cases, patients experience health issues following a vasectomy procedure, such as chronic testicular pain or discomfort, which may be addressed with a vasectomy reversal.

Procedure Costs

A vasectomy reversal can be expensive, typically ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. This doesn’t account for additional costs (e.g., anesthesia fees, etc.) and health insurance may not cover it. At Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists, we offer a fixed-cost fee, informing patients upfront of the cost and eliminating surprise fees or hidden costs. You can also review helpful insurance and financing resources.

Surgical Ability and Skill

A vasectomy reversal’s effectiveness may be determined by the original procedure’s quality and success. A reversal should only be performed by experienced, trained microsurgeons, ensuring optimal outcomes. Dr. Martin Bastuba, a board-certified urologist, and the founder and Medical Director of Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists, has achieved higher vasectomy reversal success results than the average. These include:

  • Patency success rate of 98%. Patency, the return of sperm to your ejaculate after the reversal procedure, has an average success rate of 70%.
  • Pregnancy success rate of between 65-75%. With pregnancy, a couple’s ability to conceive, the average success rate is 55%.

Vasectomy Reversal: Is the Choice Right for You?

While vasectomy reversals are safe and typically successful, certain factors may contribute to their effectiveness. You, your partner, and your urologist can determine if you’ll benefit from having your vasectomy reversed. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin Bastuba, or you have general fertility questions, please contact us for an appointment.

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