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Post-Deployment Injuries & Male Fertility

Posted on February 5, 2024 in Male Infertility

Recent military data from Afghanistan suggests about 75% of wounds occur to dismounted (pedestrian) military personnel. As you can imagine, the rate of injuries that affect fertility has increased significantly. As of 2010 genital urinary trauma was present in 12.7% of injuries including testes, scrotum, penis and urethra.

In addition, to direct injuries to fertility organs spinal cord injuries can affect fertility by loss of ejaculation if sperm was not frozen previously. It can often be extracted directly from testicular tissue (TESE) for use of IVF. Another approach is to stimulate ejaculation of sperm in the SCI male by using electro ejaculation with the hope of using the specimen for IUI.

Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists was designed to address these issues under one roof. Services provide by Martin D Bastuba, MD and his team include infertility evaluation and assessment, medical treatments, surgical recovery of sperm, long term storage, intra-uterine insemination, donor sperm selections and female fertility evaluation and treatment. Consultations are available by calling 619-286-3520.

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