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How Does Diabetes Affect Male Fertility?

Category: Male Infertility | Posted on February 22, 2023
According to a recent study, in the three months before conception, men taking metformin, a popular drug for type 2 diabetes, experienced a 40% higher risk of birth defects in their offspring. While not definitive, this illustrates that diabetes can… Read More

Common Signs of Infertility in Men

Category: Male Infertility | Posted on December 29, 2022
In the medical community, infertility has been defined as the inability to conceive after a year or more frequent, unprotected sex. Infertility is stressful, frustrating, and more common than you may think, affecting about 10-15% of heterosexual… Read More

Is There a Male Fertility Crisis?

Category: Male Infertility | Posted on November 18, 2021
Infertility is a common issue amongst people looking to start a family. It’s likely that you know a person or couple that has struggled with fertility issues. Discussions about fertility are more often than not centered around what women can do to c… Read More

COVID-19, Male Fertility & What You Need to Know

Category: Male Infertility | Posted on July 23, 2021
One of the more challenging parts of the COVID-19 pandemic was dealing with the wealth of information coming out day after day, and deciding which resource(s) to trust. Now, well over a year into the pandemic, with a vaccine widely available and… Read More