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10 Vasectomy Reversal FAQs

Category: Vasectomy Reversal | Posted on December 22, 2017
A vasectomy reversal, also called a vasovasostomy, is undergone by around 500,000 men each year in the U.S. who have previously had a vasectomy. Men considering the vasectomy procedure are strongly encouraged to consider the procedure as permanent… Read More

Your Top Vasectomy Reversal FAQs

Category: Vasectomy Reversal | Posted on April 23, 2015
Yes – a vasectomy can be successfully reversed. Whether or not this is possible is one of the first questions men and their partners have when they decide they want to try for a pregnancy, though the questions rarely end with that. There are a lot o… Read More

Dr. Martin Bastuba Performs 3000th Vasectomy Reversal

Category: Dr. Bastuba | Posted on October 28, 2014
Dr. Martin Bastuba, one of the most experienced and sought-after microsurgeons in the world, recently performed his 3,000th vasectomy reversal. This extraordinary milestone is the culmination of a lifetime of excellence and dedication to helping … Read More

How to Recover from a Vasectomy Reversal

Category: Vasectomy Reversal | Posted on September 11, 2014
You've decided that a vasectomy reversal is right for you, Dr. Bastuba has expertly performed the procedure, and now you're ready to relax and recover – what happens next? Patients who undergo a vasectomy reversal actually follow post-procedure gui… Read More

Should I Give Up After a Vasectomy Reversal Failure?

Category: | Posted on July 24, 2014
Vasectomy reversals generally have very impressive success rates. In fact, Dr. Bastuba of Male Fertility Specialists has a 98% vasectomy reversal success rate. Though it is not common, there are times when a vasectomy reversal is not successful. The … Read More