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Will a Vasectomy Reversal Hurt?

Posted on August 28, 2019 in Vasectomy Reversal

One of the first things a man considering having a vasectomy reversal is bound to wonder is whether the procedure will hurt. Men who are looking to reverse their vasectomy are in a unique position to know what the procedure and recovery period will entail, because from their side of things, the experience will be largely the same. Just as you likely experienced some soreness and discomfort in the hours and days after your vasectomy, you’ll likely have the same sensations after a vasectomy reversal.

Preparing for post-procedure recovery
The good news is that any unpleasantness should be quite mild. Many men take over-the-counter pain relief medication combined with gently applying something soft and frozen to the groin area as needed. Rest is a core part of the recovery period, so you should expect to need at least two or three days at home before you can return to work, though this time period extends to a week away from work if your job includes manual labor or heavy lifting. Sexual intercourse will need to be on hold for at least four weeks after the reversal.

Your vasectomy reversal surgeon can provide a full breakdown of what you need to do after the procedure in order to help ensure optimal recovery in the shortest possible time with minimal discomfort.

In the event of vasectomy reversal complications
Complications stemming from having a vasectomy reversed are rare, but they are possible. One of the most important parts of choosing where to have the procedure completed is working with an experienced microsurgeon who is transparent about his or her reversal success rates.

If you do have abnormal symptoms after your procedure, you immediately need to contact your surgeon or whoever performed the reversal. Symptoms to keep an eye out for include moderate to severe pain or redness or swelling in the groin area. It’s likely that if any of this happens, you should visit the office as soon as possible to confirm whether a complication, such as an infection, is present.

Again, complications from surgery by reputable, experienced vasectomy reversal surgeons are quite rare. You should feel free before the procedure to ask your doctor any questions you have about vasectomy reversal risks, side effects, and complications.

Schedule your consultation
Scheduling a vasectomy reversal consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn everything you need to know about the procedure. We’re offering patients a free reversal consultation for a limited time – request your appointment here.

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