About MFS

Michael Schumacher, PA-C

“Helping families though medicine has been my lifetime dream."

I enjoy working with individuals and families to identify treatment avenues that provide the most positive outcomes for mental, physical and sexual health.

Dr. Michael title:Dr. Michael portrait
My mother, who was a very astute and accomplished researcher, was an inspiration to me and laid the foundation for my career in medicine. From the time I was a hospital corpsman in the Balboa Hospital Urology clinic, continuing through my work as a LVN with Dr. Bastuba’s original clinic and onto PA education at Stanford School of Medicine, the goal of providing individual compassionate care has become a reality.

After graduating from the Physician Assistant program, I was fortunate to work at Baylor College of Medicine with Dr. Larry Lipshultz, a pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine. Upon my return to California, I had the honor of serving our military personal for six years at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Now, I have come full circle to again utilize my fully developed skillset on behalf of Martin Bastuba, MD at the Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists.

In addition to my core areas of interest in sexual dysfunction and male fertility care, I also have extensive training in general urology. Some of my areas of expertise include prostate cancer, BPH, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, peyronie's disease, infertility evaluation, electroejaculation, and artificial insemination. I take pride in providing sensitive care in a comfortable environment.

I pursue many interests outside of work including fishing, hiking and many sports. I enjoy spending time with my wife, walking the dogs, cycling, going to the movies and dinner outings with my friends.