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Age and Male Fertility: What an Experienced Male Fertility Specialist Wants You to Know

Posted on December 20, 2018 in Sperm Health

Infertility has long been publicly misunderstood as a woman’s problem; however, studies have shown that otherwise functional male fertility lessens for men as they age. Biology gives most humans a window of opportunity when it comes to conception. Whether you’re female or male, you’re less likely to be fertile the older you get.

What affects male fertility as we age?

Here are several aspects of male fertility affected by time.

  • Low sperm concentration (oligospermia)
  • Inadequate sperm motility (asthenospermia)
  • Abnormal sperm shape / morphology (teratospermia)
  • Diminished sexual health due to erectile dysfunction, undiagnosed sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), low libido, physical constraints due to age (such as loss of muscle mass, conditions of the spine, lethargy or fatigue, etc.), or other urological conditions like prostate cancer or incontinence

Men in their 40s and 50s see sperm concentration drop to about half of what it was in their 20s and 30s. Motility and morphology decline by almost 1% every year. Lessening fertility as men age is completely normal; even so, that fact doesn’t soften the blow of reality.

What can you do about declining male fertility?

There is a silver lining. You’re getting older — we all are. However, here are a few actions you can take now to help safeguard your fertility against the negative effects of age.

That last option works if you are considering having a family later on, just not right now. Cryopreservation of sperm specimens can enable you to choose when you want to have a baby without worrying about the well-established scientific link between aging and diminished male fertility.

Even though men lose their fertility as they age, your fertility can be salvaged through a proactive approach to health and family planning. It’s important to be aware that age is just one factor that can compromise male fertility. It’s important to educate yourself about fertility if you want to build your family someday, even if it’s not right now.

Dr. Martin Bastuba and his team have been helping men overcome infertility and sexual dysfunction since 1993. If you are looking for help with male fertility in Southern California, contact Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists today to set up a discreet consultation.

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