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Can I Improve Male Fertility on My Own?

Posted on December 16, 2021 in General

One of the more pressing questions our patients ask, whether during their first consultation or as their treatment plan begins, is if there is a way they can improve their fertility issues on their own. While there are steps men can take to potentially improve fertility, the honest reality is simply that if you are already at the stage where a consultation or treatment is necessary, then your best option is to continue to seek professional medical care. If you are not yet at either stage, and perhaps have not even yet tried to conceive, but just wonder about preparation – then yes, there are things you can do.

When you’re young and relatively healthy, fertility can be something that is taken for granted. We are all very used to hearing about female infertility, but the reality is that for couples trying to conceive (TTC) in the U.S., half of all infertility cases where an issue can be determined relate to male infertility. So, you can be a relatively healthy, young male whose fertility is potentially not as ideal as one would assume. That being said, there are small steps men can take to help improve their fertility so when the time comes to TTC, you’re in the best possible position for success.

Take stock of your overall health

Male fertility is closely linked to basic healthcare. Your weight, nutrition, tobacco product use, alcohol consumption, medications, etc. can all impact the quality and quantity of male sperm. Consider a visit with your GP to review how you’re doing and what you can change to improve. He or she may recommend some basic lifestyle changes, such as cutting back on drinking or improving diet.

Consider the state of your exercise routine

There are two sides to this: on the one hand, a severe routine can negatively impact fertility and on the other hand, a lack of routine can also do the same. Exercise needs to be consistent and completed in reasonable moderation. An extreme in either direction will not benefit the health of your sperm. Please consider consulting with your doctor or a professional trainer you trust before making changes here.

Avoid risky heat-related situations

Yes, excess heat to the groin area can indeed damage fertility over time. So, keep your hot tub visits to a minimum, avoid hot cell phones in pockets and hot devices placed on the groin area for extended periods of time. This is not just a rumor started by previous generations designed to nag you.

Have your sperm analyzed

One of the best ways to put to bed the point of whether you have a reason to be concerned is to consider having your sperm tested. Semen analysis is a very common fertility test and requires little from male patients – you simply need to provide a sperm sample to a testing facility. Through a semen analysis, you will be able to find out the quantity, quality, and motility of your sperm and whether there is a need to take specific action at this time. For example, if there is any concern about your fertility, it may be recommended that you consider fertility preservation (aka sperm freezing) so you can help ensure you’ll be able to grow your family when ready.

If you have questions about male infertility treatment, testing, or how to approach improving fertility along with professional guidance, please contact our staff today.

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