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Post Mortem Sperm Retrieval & Sperm Freezing

Posted on January 4, 2024 in General

Sadly, it is not unusual to receive calls from a patient’s significant other following the death of a loved one in hopes of sperm retrieval after death.

It is unlikely that these considerations have been addressed beforehand in life where sperm retrieval can easily be returned. Our practice (Fertility Center of California; Ph: 619-265-0102) can retrieve and cryopreserve sperm in advance of a tragedy. We call it the Freeze First Campaign™.

Taking a few minutes to provide 2-3 samples and have them frozen is the simplest, inexpensive way to protect future fertility options. Samples frozen in this way allow for intrauterine insemination (IUI or “turkey baster technique”) which is universally available and costs about $400.00. Many sperm banks offer significant discounts for cryopreservation. For instance, our facility in San Diego offers significant discounts for freezing and storing for military personnel, oncology patients, and others.

If sperm procurement after death has not been addressed, sperm retrieval will most likely involve attestation and support from the wife, partner, and/or parents of the deceased. Timing for retrieval becomes critical. The best success occurs within 24 hours of death and it diminishes quickly thereafter depending on the cause of death and the location of the body. If you are in this situation, please contact Mel at 888-233-7492 (answered 24 hours a day) or

Recovery teams throughout California have been created to coordinate activities, obtain the necessary consents, retrieve the tissue, transport the tissue, preserve, and store the tissue. The is here to help.

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