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Environmental Exposures & Sperm Freezing

Posted on January 9, 2024 in Fertility Preservation

Sperm is extremely sensitive to the environment. They are sentinels for how clean are our immediate surroundings and affect the viability and strength of a male’s reproductive capabilities.

Homeland and warzone exposures are real considerations for military personnel. One such well-known insult is Agent Orange. But there are numerous possibilities even in the agricultural world such as paraquat that are largely unknown or unstudied. They can include but are not limited to chemicals such as gunfire, nerve gas, exhaust fumes, or biologicals such as anthrax, as well as long-term exposure to radiation for aviators. The reality is we just don’t know enough about these exposures.

Males in their reproductive years who have potential exposure to any of these environmental concerns should immediately consider freezing their sperm. It is a cost-effective, simple, and safe method to ensure your fertility rights.

Remote cryopreservation of sperm (home sperm freeze kits) is now available through our cubby kit. With modern technology, men can freeze specimens even while deployed.

To get more information please talk with an andrology lab technician whose only job is the projection of viable sperm by calling 619-265-0102.

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