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Five Vasectomy Reversal Benefits

Posted on June 25, 2018 in Vasectomy Reversal

Each year, approximately 5% of men in the United States who previously had a vasectomy will seek a vasectomy reversal. Reasons for this change are typically very personal – a change in marital/relationship status being among the most common. Of course, the goal of reversing a vasectomy is to achieve a pregnancy. For many reversal patients, this is certainly possible. Vasectomy reversal success is very promising, especially when working with a trained, experienced surgeon.

For men weighing their options between a vasectomy reversal and undergoing fertility treatment, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), there are benefits to the reversal procedure you can consider.

1. A chance to conceive naturally – A successful vasectomy reversal will allow a couple to conceive naturally, without fertility treatment/doctor’s appointments. A couple would be able to conceive (female partner fertility status notwithstanding) as they desire, having one or multiple children.
2. It’s more affordable than IVF – In the U.S., IVF treatment can cost around $12,000 per cycle. Cost can vary widely by location, insurance coverage and fertility clinic. A vasectomy reversal at the Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists costs $7,100.
3. Recovery is familiar – The recovery experience from a vasectomy reversal is almost identical to that of a vasectomy, so men will know what to expect. Most men report only mild discomfort or soreness after either procedure, with over-the-counter pain-relief medications and ice packs providing comfort.
4. It’s permanent – Additional procedures are not required after a successful reversal. You will be able to move forward with any family planning goals you have.
5. There is no added risk during pregnancy – A reversal will not impact the shape and size of your sperm (morphology).

Are you interested in moving forward with a vasectomy reversal? You can request a free vasectomy reversal consultation with the Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page on the procedure.

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