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Five Ways to Boost Male Fertility Before the End of the Year

Posted on September 21, 2018 in Male Infertility, Sperm Health

Most people make resolutions. Some wait for the new year, while others target spring cleaning time to organize their homes (and lives) or summer bathing suit season to get in shape.

If your intention is to boost your fertility, why wait for a specific time of the year to get started? You’re probably already aware of the positive changes you need to make as you become a parent (like quitting smoking, losing weight and limiting alcohol intake). Here are five simple lifestyle changes that can help improve your fertility in the time left before a new year begins:

1. Stay cool
Heat can damage sperm, so it’s important to avoid high temperatures in your groin in order to foster optimum sperm health. Stop taking hot showers or baths and skip the hot tub or sauna at the gym. If you use a laptop, don’t rest it on or near your groin.

2. Take a walk
Long periods of sitting have been shown to have negative effects on sperm health. If you sit a lot for your job, set a timer on your watch and take a brisk stroll around your office every 30 minutes (if possible), or consider using a standing desk. Not only is this good for your sperm, it can boost your metabolism and mental clarity too.

3. Eat antioxidants
A lot of men hear the word “diet” and cringe, but adding a few antioxidants to your menu of foods is not difficult, and it can help keep sperm DNA happy. Eat more nuts, citrus fruits, red meats and leafy greens. You can also take an antioxidant supplement rich in zinc and vitamins C and E, with permission from your doctor, of course. While you’re increasing your antioxidant intake, it’s also smart to reduce your soy intake. Soy has the potential to lower your sperm count.

4. Stay away from toxic chemicals
Studies have shown that men who work at jobs that require them to use harsh or toxic chemicals (like farming, metalwork or varnishing) have less healthy sperm than men who don’t. If you can, stay away from pesticides and industrial chemicals. If you do need to work with chemicals to make a living, make sure to wear protective clothing and avoid touching or inhaling toxins.

5. Have intercourse
Believe it or not, the more sex you have, the more sperm you produce. Studies have shown that sperm motility (movement) and morphology (shape) are optimum after only one or no days of abstinence.

Some activities that can boost male fertility require large commitments, but the five actions noted above are easy to implement right away. If any of these tips seem tough, though, don’t worry, with any luck it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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