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3 Situations in Which a Vasectomy Reversal Is the Right Decision

Posted on June 29, 2022 in Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversals can seem like a bit of a contradiction. Your vasectomy surgeon likely asked more than once during your consultation whether or not you were sure that getting a vasectomy was the right choice for you, and then once satisfied that you would not want to have a child or more children, agreed to the procedure. Vasectomies are supposed to be considered a permanent form of contraception, but this can be a bit misleading, as vasectomies can be surgically reversed. Now, however many years later after your initial vasectomy, you might find yourself considering a vasectomy reversal.

There are situations in which a reversal is entirely appropriate. Life is complex, full of moments that we might never have expected even one year later, let alone five or ten years later. This is often what puts men in the position of contemplating whether a vasectomy reversal is the right decision for them. We’ve helped countless men reverse their vasectomies, sometimes a decade after the original procedure, so we’ve seen what brings men to Dr. Martin Bastuba’s office in the first place.

3 Situations Where A Vasectomy Reversal Is The Right Call

  1. You have experienced a recent significant life change
    The most common reason why men request a reversal of their vasectomy is that a significant life change has taken place causing them to re-evaluate the decision to either not have children or not have more children. There are a few different examples of this:
  • Loss of a spouse and remarriage
  • Divorce and remarriage
  • Loss of a child
  1. You have had a real change of heart
    Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we simply change our minds after time has passed. We’re all human, and you may have once felt 100% confident in the fact that your family was already complete or that you preferred to be child-free. Vasectomies can be reversed many years after the original procedure, so while there can be a degree of “Oh well”, it is understandable for a person’s opinion to have changed after five or ten years have passed.

  2. You are potentially experiencing complications from the original procedure
    This is a complex situation, but it is possible that if you’ve experienced complications post-vasectomy, your surgeon could recommend a reversal, especially if the issue is severe. Please note that complications from a vasectomy surgery are not common; the procedure is relatively straightforward and typically only takes around 10-20 minutes to complete and patients are awake the entire time. However, in rare situations, a complication can take place, and if other attempts to resolve the issue(s) fail, a reversal may be considered – though only if deemed possible by the surgeon.

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