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5 Things That Cause Low Sperm Count

Posted on March 19, 2014 in Low Sperm Count, Sperm Health

A low sperm count diagnosis is tough enough as it is, but knowing that there are steps you could have taken to prevent it -- That's something no one wants to hear. Sometimes a low sperm count is inevitable, but sometimes there are steps one can take in order to prevent this condition from occurring. As evidenced below, a lot of the factors that contribute to a lowered sperm count are also indicative of overall health concerns. Here are five things that have been known to cause a low sperm count:

Granted, the amount of cigarettes you would need to smoke a day would have to be nearer to the 20 or so mark in order to affect sperm count. However, smoking is not only clearly harmful to your overall health, but regardless of exactly how many cigarettes you smoke a day – over time, the effects will eventually spread to a lowered sperm count.

Again, the quantity at which sperm count would be affected by alcohol is high, but excessive amounts of alcohol consumption can be a source of infertility. Alcohol lowers sperm production and the production of testosterone. If you're looking for ways to take action and cut back for your overall health, starting with cutting out high amounts of alcohol is a great first step.

Your Weight
Yes, it's true: obesity can affect male fertility. The truth is, when a male is severely overweight, the layers of fat that surround the testicles can become overheated. Heat is bad for sperm health, and this issue is just yet another overall health concern that can negatively effect sperm count and lead to male infertility.

We've established that heat is bad for sperm health, but it can become an issue in a wide variety of ways besides obesity. Heat can affect sperm during: a hot bath, time spent in a hot tub, or working with a laptop or other electronic device on your lap for long periods of time. It's likely that especially for the last example, you've noticed when your laptop has overheated and it's uncomfortable on your skin, so it's not difficult to grasp what this could mean for sperm. Steer clear of long periods of time spent in baths and hot tubes, and make sure to use a cooling pad with your laptop.

Sex can be bad for sperm? Yes, if it's occurring too frequently. When couples are trying to conceive, especially if they haven't had much luck in the initial months of trying, it can be tempting to be overzealous in their attempts and have intercourse several times per day. Infertility and male virility are not always linked – men can have a high sex drive, but still experience infertility. If the demand “exceeds the supply” then sperm count can be decreased.

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