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Don’t Rule Out Getting a Vasectomy Just Yet

Vasectomy – it is a word that many men fear and far more men are unwilling to consider. However, a lot of men today do not fully understand what happens after you get a vasectomy; they think getting a vasectomy means a drastic change to one's “manhood.” From a lowered sex drive to a change in demeanor, men have a deep and irrational misunderstanding of the procedure. The only real change that happens is that a man's semen can no longer fertilize a woman's eggs. That is all. Everything else stays the same. And, the option is always there to completely reverse it.

So why consider getting a vasectomy?

In short, it is the responsible thing to do. You can argue the woman in the relationship can get her “tubes tied,” but this is a far more complex procedure with a higher risk of complications for the woman and is generally more expensive. On the other hand, a vasectomy can be performed in under half an hour and the possible risks are minuscule in comparison. Next to total celibacy – and where is the fun in that – a vasectomy is the most permanent form of birth control.

Single men who have undergone the procedure no longer have to worry about unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. This is a valid point for married men as well. Couples may have already had one or two or three children and have decided they should not have any more children – it takes only a “whoops” moment to change that number. By undergoing a vasectomy procedure, you can completely avoid that situation from happening and have a fearless and more improved sex life.

Getting a vasectomy can change your life for the better. It will open up your sex life and will remove the need for your partner to undergo surgery or use other, more harmful birth control methods. If you have any unanswered questions regarding the vasectomy procedure or vasectomy reversals, contact Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists.

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