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Dr. Bastuba Visits the Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC)

Posted on January 25, 2016 in Dr. Bastuba

On January 20th, Dr. Bastuba visited the Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC) in San Diego to give a talk on “Male Fertility for the OB/Gyn: Things That Matter”. This talk was given to 12 OB/Gyn’s who attended the event as a part of a quarterly meeting at RSMC. The talk was free and open to the public, but was designed to specifically provide input on how male fertility should factor into a field that is (understandably) heavily dominated by female factor fertility. For those who were unable to attend the event, we’ve provided highlights of Dr. Bastuba’s talk below.

Why should an OB/Gyn refer patients to a urologist for a male infertility workup?

  • Male infertility causes: Varicocele, ejaculation issues, tumor, hormone imbalance, chromosomal defects, Celiac disease, Environmental factors, infection, antibodies, undescended testicles, tube deficits, Sexual dysfunction, prior surgery, and lifestyle factors.

What are the goals of male reproductive medicine and surgery for male infertility?

  • Improve chances of natural conception
  • Improve chances of conception with IUI or ICSI
  • Improve overall health, including sexual health
  • Improve health of future offspring
  • Improve chances for future conception
  • Provide education on male fertility and treatment

What happens during an initial consultation for male infertility?

  • A review of the patient’s medical history: Have you received treatment for cancer? Have you ever undergone surgery?
  • A physical exam
  • A review of prior information obtained by a GP, etc.

How do patient’s benefit from a male fertility workup?

  • A full male fertility workup prepares patients for IVF (in vitro fertilization) or other reproductive technologies needed to build their family.
  • It offers a preview of basic fertility care, which can be helpful and reassuring prior to IVF.

Dr. Bastuba’s talk offered a comprehensive review of male infertility causes and the treatments available at the Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists (MFS). Questions following his talk included what types of lubricants are “sperm friendly”, hormonal control for male patients, and how OB/Gyn’s should approach offering advice for cases in which the male partner presents with low sperm count. To learn about future talks and events with Dr. Bastuba, please “Like” us on Facebook to stay in touch.

If you would like to discuss male infertility testing with Dr. Bastuba, please contact MFS.

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