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Should I Get a Vasectomy? Vasectomy Myths & Misconceptions

Posted on August 22, 2013 in Sexual Health, Male Fertility Specialists (MFS)

As a form of birth control, the vasectomy is unmatched. It is completely safe, reliable and is often covered by health insurance. It is no surprise that over 500,000 men choose to have a vasectomy each year.

But for many men, the simple ability to conceive children is fundamental to who they are, even if they have no desire to have children at all. They believe the potency of their sperm is tied to their manhood, and for many men it is an ingrained part of their psyche. They cannot help but feel that by voluntarily getting a vasectomy, they are throwing away “what makes them men” of their own free will.

The problem is most men have a deep misunderstanding of how a vasectomy works. They do not realize how sexually liberating a vasectomy can be: it is the safest and most reliable form of birth control available.

A man's ability to have an erection and perform in bed will not be hindered at all. In fact, since the man's ejaculate does not contain sperm, and thus conception cannot occur, it can open up new doors in a couple's love life that might not have been there with the use of typical forms of birth control. A vasectomy is safer and more cost-effective than having the woman “get her tubes tied.” Also, should a man choose to have children after he has gotten a vasectomy, he has a number of options he can consider before or after the procedure including sperm banking and vasectomy reversal.

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