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The Questions about Fertility Men Need to Ask Their Urologist, but Won't

Posted on July 14, 2017 in Male Infertility, Urology

Seeking the care of a urologist for a male health and/or fertility concern is a great first step toward taking control of your health or family planning needs. Unfortunately, sometimes men are reluctant to ask certain questions because they are embarrassed or worry about being judged for something often beyond their control. You can rest assured that your urologist will completely understand where your questions and concerns are coming from.

In an attempt to make any conversation you will share during a consultation with your urologist a little easier, Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine Specialists outlines three core questions about fertility men should ask their urologist if they have concerns about future family planning goals.

I am leaning toward getting a vasectomy, but I am not 100% sure I’ve completed building my family. Is there anything I can do?
A vasectomy should be considered a permanent method of contraception, and the decision to have one should not be taken lightly. A vasectomy can be reversed of course, but your physician will never recommend undergoing the procedure unless you are confident that you have completed all family building needs. For those who wish to plan ahead, you can consider pre-vasectomy sperm banking, which allows men to freeze their sperm and store it in the event that they wish to have a child or more children in the future, post-vasectomy.

I believe I have erectile dysfunction, but I am unsure of the cause. Is treatment available? Do I need infertility care to have a child?
There are numerous causes of erectile dysfunction, and the condition is typically treated based on your individual diagnosis. Unfortunately, many men who suffer from impotence fail to seek testing and treatment, even if it means their issue would no longer exist. Virtually every erectile dysfunction case is treatable. Your urologist will be able to provide insight into the cause of your impotence as well as an effective treatment plan.

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while, when do we need to seek fertility care? How do I know if our issue stems from male factor fertility?
Male factor infertility is as equally responsible for infertility cases and female factor and unexplained infertility – 1/3 apiece. Couples where the female partner is under the age of 35 are asked to try to conceive for at least one year before seeking a fertility consultation, whereas couple where the female partner is age 35 or older are asked to wait only six months. It’s important to seek infertility testing for both partners, not just the female. A semen analysis will be used to screen sperm for male infertility issues.

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