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Your Sperm Count is Counting on You...

Posted on September 25, 2012 in Low Sperm Count, Sperm Health

Male infertility is a contributing cause to infertility in some form, in nearly half of all fertility cases. Although many factors can affect fertility, experts agree that lifestyle choices can influence the health of a male's sperm. If you are trying to improve your fertility and/or low sperm count, following components of a healthy lifestyle are essential. From diet to exercise, to stress, alcohol, environmental toxins and temperature, there are many different ways that you can educate yourself on how to maximize your fertility.

Diet is a major factor that affects your overall health and the health of your sperm. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important for getting the essential nutrients needed for healthy sperm production. Diets rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and Lycopene can help to increase sperm count and health.

Regular exercise is another major component of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise encourages a healthy weight and reduces stress. Being overweight or having a high stress lifestyle are both linked to poor sperm health and infertility. Whether you have a gym membership, play in a sports league, practice yoga or have a dance party in your pajamas... just get moving!

Heavy alcohol use and smoking are not only bad for your overall health, but can also impact your fertility by lowering sperm count and decreasing motility. When it comes to healthy lifestyle choices, limiting your alcohol use and quitting smoking are one of the best things you can do for your health.

Chemicals and Toxins
One cause for low sperm health and count is exposure to environmental chemicals and toxins, such as paint, lead, radiation, heavy metals and pesticides. If your work involves handling hazardous chemicals, take all necessary precautions to avoid exposure.

You may not realize that temperature can impact your fertility. However, having your scrotum exposed to high temperature for extended periods of time can lower your sperm count and health. When trying to conceive, avoid hot tubs and placing a laptop on your lap, all of which can increase your scrotal temperature. Wearing tight underwear such as boxer briefs, also increases the temperature in your scrotum by holding your testicles closer to your body. Boxers and other loose fitting clothing is recommended for optimal sperm production.

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